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Just as in every genre and style of music, there are overnight successes in hip-hop. But in general, rap music does not accommodate neophytes or half-steppers. It’s a style built for those who take it seriously — those willing to struggle to make their voices heard. Many of the biggest rap stars were on the grind for years before they became world-famous. They just don’t like to emphasize that part of the tale.

daFinchi is a little different. He’s always been remarkably candid about his story and the specific nature of his grind. The Bridgeport, CT native has never tried to disguise the fact that he’s also a personal injury lawyer or the challenges he’s faced while trying to balance his artistic ambitions with his juridical ones. He only wants you to know that he’s as tenacious on behalf of his clients as he is on the microphone. Whatever he’s doing, he’s putting all of his heart and muscle into it.

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daFinchi – “The Burbs” (Official music video) I’ve lived in cities pretty much my whole life, and now I moved to the burbs! What do you like better and why? The city or the burbs?! If you like the video, subscribe to my channel and like the video.


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